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Parkinson’s Disease

Yoga for Parkinson's DiseaseParkinson’s disease has many different “faces” but common symptoms include slowness of movement, stiffness, freezing, balance and walking challenges,  weakening of vocal expression, flat facial and body affect and depression.

Through Yoga blended with Pilates, Breath, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Biofeedback/Neurofeedback, Toning and other vocal exercises, the body can continue to receive the message that it can still work.  Many recent studies have revealed that exercise, particularly certain types of exercise are definitely beneficial in terms of slowing the progression of Parkinson’s and improving and maintaining quality of life. Brain studies show that even though a certain part of the brain may no longer be capable of performing a certain task as it once did, other parts of the brain can sometimes learn to perform those tasks.

In-Home Private Sessions Available

There is a lot of mental, emotional and physical suffering that goes on in peoples’ lives, primarily driven by the interpretation of their life events. I think of yoga as a process of slowly but surely shining the spotlight on the fact that we are not our diagnosis or our other life events. To assist each person begin to catalyze the connection between body, mind, emotion and breath brings heightened self-awareness and lessens that suffering.

“My experience with Carol Fisher as an instructor was pure delight.  Carol has a calm way about her that just draws the students in. It is a safe place to be in Carol’s presence. She is accepting and full of love. I have learned much from my dear friend Carol.  Parkinson’s patients have a chance to move and breathe and find their own path with Carol leading the way with love as her guide.”

Kathy R – Yoga Instructor – Littleton, CO

“Carol is an example of an extraordinary teacher.  Regardless of the class size, she is able to address and connect directly with each student at his or her own level.  She creates a safe and fun environment to explore one’s body, mind and heart.  Carol’s knowledge, groundedness and compassion inspire confidence and humor in her students as they work through their experience of Parkinson’s.  She is a walking example of grace and kindness.”

Denise D – Yoga Instructor – Santa Clara, CA

“Carol Fisher introduced me to Yoga exercises for individuals suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. The exercises were thoughtfully designed to improve and maintain posture, balance and ambulation.  To that end, the exercises focused particularly on the spine, the joints of the pelvis and the lower limbs and on strengthening the associated muscle groups.  Carol brought to the classes her gentle smile, kind demeanor and sense of humor and greatly enhanced the experience by providing a background of softly played Indian and classical music.  I enjoyed and benefitted from her classes and was sorry to see her go.”

Bernard – Greenwood Village, CO